How to Consign Clothing

Welcome to the world of clothing consignment! Consigning is one more way to recycle what you don’t want or need—helping yourself, others, and the planet all at the same time. Best of all, consignment allows you to recover a portion of an item’s value when someone else finds it worthy of purchase. You get cash, the buyer gets a good deal, and the planet gets more breathing room. How’s that for a win-win-win!!!

consignment clothing

So how do you get started? The first step is to pull out all in-season items that you no longer want or need. (You can determine “in-season” by asking yourself if you would purchase the item to wear within the next 90 days.) When you have the items pulled, compare them to the criteria listed below.

We ACCEPT clothing that is:

  1. Smoke free
  2. In excellent condition (shoes must be near mint)
  3. With size and care tags
  4. Clean, pressed, and on hangers
  5. Sizes 0-22 (XS to 2X)
  6. Saleable (at the store’s discretion)


  1. Labels from Target, Walmart,
  2. Budget labels from department/specialty stores
  3. Lingerie
  4. Swimwear
  5. Sleepwear
  6. Uniforms
  7. Wedding gowns

Once you have qualified your items, you can call the store to set up a time to bring your things in. Please be prepared to tell us how many items you have. We will review your items and accept those that we think will sell in our market. After you sign a consignment agreement, we will assign you a consignor number and give you a receipt for the items we have accepted.

consignment clothing

Below is a brief overview of our consignment terms:

Pricing: The store sets the initial selling price for all items. Our goal is to help you get the best return possible in our market area. However, to increase the likelihood of a sale, the store reserves the right to adjust selling prices at any time during the consignment period, e.g., during sale events.

Consignment Period: 90 days.

Consignment Split: 50% store credit or 40% cash to consignor.

Consignor Payout: Payment for items sold will be cashed out upon request, either by cash or check at the store’s discretion. If you prefer to have your check mailed (minimum $10.00), you may either 1) leave a self-addressed, stamped envelope or 2) agree to a $1.00 deduction from your payout to cover supply and mailing expenses.

Unsold Items: If you would like your unsold items back, you may pick them up anytime during the last two weeks of the consignment period.  Items that have not been reclaimed by the end of the consignment period will be considered abandoned by you and will become the property of the store.

THAT’s Consignment 101 in a nutshell! We hope you will choose to join the ranks of our many satisfied consignors. Please feel free to call us if you have questions we have not addressed above.