How to Consign Gift Items

Are you a local artisan that creates unique gift items? Do you need a venue where you can display and sell your creations year round? If so, our Gift Closet may be the answer!

The Gift Closet opened within My Girlfriend’s Closet in March of 2012 in response to customer requests for locally made gift items. Since then it has grown to encompass more than 30 artisans who produce everything from mosaics to soaps to jewelry to yard art.

If you think you might like to consign with us, please call us for a time to review your line. Kindly keep in mind that if we accept your art, we expect you to have at least 6-12 items (depending on your craft) ready to go so we can make a reasonable presentation within the store.

Below is a brief overview of our consignment terms:

Pricing: The consignor and the store establish a mutually agreed upon price for all items. Four variables should be factored into pricing: the cost to make the item; the desired profit margin; the store’s percentage; and, most importantly, the customer-perceived value of the item. PLEASE NOTE: If you participate in shows, you may wish to maintain your current pricing by looking at the store’s percentage (which you only pay when something sells) as a substitute for the cost(s) of purchasing and staffing a booth (which you pay up front).

Display: The store determines the location and type of display for all gift lines. However, each artisan is welcome to provide fixturing for consideration.

Inventory Rotation: My Girlfriend’s Closet has an extremely loyal clientele, many of whom visit the store regularly. Therefore, it is important that all artisans be prepared to check/replenish stock levels and rotate their inventory at least quarterly (more often if sales warrant).

Consignment Period: There is no set consignment period. Typically, the store will show an artisan’s line for at least three months. However, either the store or the consignor may terminate the consignment agreement at any time.

Consignment Split: 70% to the consignor, 30% to the store.

Consignor Payment: Consignors are mailed a check (minimum $10.00) by the fifth of each month for items sold the previous month.

Exclusivity: Gift items must be exclusive to the store within the Town of Paradise.

If we accept your gift line into the store, you will be assigned a consignor number and asked to sign a consignment agreement that fully sets forth all terms and conditions. The store will feature your item(s) on Facebook and/or in store emails as appropriate. Consignors are expected to assist with the promotion of the Gift Closet to their clients (the store will supply its business cards, if requested).

We hope you will check out the Gift Closet to see if it is right for you. Please feel free to call us if you have questions that we have not addressed above.